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Post-Covid Drives – The Wakening

It’s been a long hard Covid-winter since we were last able to drive freely, in nice weather. 

Our Members are all looking forward to regular car drives and events. Many of you have bought a new MB over the past year or have been adding loving touches to your favourite classic. Our cars are now emerging from their slumbers. Casual drives and events are springing up, with more to come. With this in mind, our Newsletter Staff invite you to enter our fun, The Wakening photo contest.  Share your seasonal preparation of your car or some first drives, in our almost post-Covid Spring. We want to see you and your cars at their best, enjoying yourselves.


Best Photo will receive a magnificent prize, a Weber BBQ,

from Michelin sponsor, Curtis Tire and Wheel. 


  • A photo of your own car
  • Photo is a current 2021 scene
  • One photo per household – please give us your very best one!
  • In digital format - jpeg, png, or gif only. Minimum 1.2 megapixels. 1280 x 960 pixels image size. Can be portrait or landscape orientation. 

Photos will be judged by Visual Appeal, and ‘Awakening’ theme.


Email submissions to [email protected]

All submissions must be in by end of day, July 15th. 

Get started right away!! We’re really encouraging you to start having fun with your Mercedes!

Photos will be published in the next newsletter, at the end of July.

We encourage everyone to enter - let’s get out there and take some photos!


  • Photo and car – Bobby Izat
  • Graphics Design – Elton, at studio306design inc.
  • Prize Sponsor – Curtis Tire and Wheel