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R107 50th Anniversary Celebration

R107 50th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, October 9, 2021 -
9:00am to 11:00am

We had a great turnout for our R107 50th Anniversary Celebration Event at Mercedes Benz Sugar Land with over 30 members and guests joining, and 11 R107s on display. 

The R107 is the largest model class within the Houston Section and with 2021 being the 50th anniversary of its introduction, we saw this as a great opportunity to bring our R107 owner members together and share their passion for these iconic vehicles.

The R107’s in attendance spanned both decades of production: 1970’s (3 x 450SL’s and 1 x 450SLC) and 1980’s: (4 x 380SL’s and 3 x 560SL’s). 

We also spent some time hearing the stories of what inspired our members to own a R107 and what has been the greatest joys and challenges along the way. Childhood movies and TV shows (Beverly Hills Cop, Dallas, Hart to Hart) were a big influence as was family or friends that previously owned an R107. All agreed on the great feeling of pride in owning an R107.

Finally, we had a People’s Choice Competition for the best R107 from the 1970’s and the 1980’s. Congratulations to our winners:

1970’s:       Michael Tribolet, 1978 450SLC 

1980’s:       Manfred Robe, 1985 280SL

We are very grateful to Mercedes Benz Sugar Land for hosting this event, the use of their VIP lounge and parking area, and for providing the refreshments, prizes and photography. The weather conditions were perfect, and everyone enjoyed the event.

We are looking forward to our follow-up R107 driving event to Round Top and La Grange, Texas on Nov 13th, 2021 which is open to all Sections within South Central Region - see Upcoming Events for full details .

Mercedes Benz Sugar Land are credited as originator of the photo images.