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MBCA BC Stars Annual Show & Shine, 2019

MBCA BC Stars Annual Show & Shine, 2019

British Columbia
Sunday, September 1, 2019 -
9:30am to 3:30pm
North Vancouver
British Columbia

BC Stars Section has Another Impressive Turnout for the 2019 Waterfront Show & Shine

It was only a few short years ago that the BC Stars Section considered abandoning their annual Waterfront Park Show & Shine.

It was tough going to get more than ten cars to show up for the late summer event.

This year, Event Organizer, Tony Millikin, believes we had a hundred cars!

Our online Pre-registrations numbered 101 cars, and even with a forecast of rain, most of those entries took the gamble and showed up. Several more unregistered cars arrived at the gate, and gladly paid to get in.

We had some very remarkable entries, too!

The day turned out to be sunny and warm, perfect weather for convertibles. This year’s theme was the “30th Anniversary of the R129 SL Roadster”. We had a number of beautiful examples parked front and centre, next to the Registration tents.

Peter DeWitt’s beautiful green SL500 on wide AMG rims, and Nick Liem’s rare R129 “Silver Arrow”, really wowed the crowd.

Nearby, Hardy Suelzer exhibited his open-topped 2018 GT-C, one of 50 produced. Reflecting its status as a very rare Mercedes offering, Hardy showed us his invitation from Hublot to show his car the following weekend, at the Vancouver Luxury Supercar show.

It was a convertible that won our Best in Show, this year. Ken and Trish Brown entered their glamourous 1965 220S cabriolet, finished in medium blue paint over a sumptuous blue leather interior.

A beautiful show-car it may be, but it is also every bit a Mercedes. Ken and Trish tell us that they enjoy taking their car on long road trips each summer.


Ron Price brought his elegant, newly-restored 190SL, with wife Carol, piloting their contemporary SLS “Gullwing”.

We had several “Pagodas”, also. Steve Cunningham brought his gorgeous blue 280 SL, an exceptional, award-winning car at Monterey.

The “SL Hill” was overcrowded with at least 15 vibrantly-coloured R107 SL’s, a great showing of the still “affordable-classic” that can be proudly driven every day.

There was a very impressive showing of Mercedes Classic sedans. From the early “Ponton” of Dave Jung and the “Fintail” of George Budd hailing the postwar Mercedes of the 1950’s and ‘60’s, on up through the beautiful W108 sedans to the superbly-built W114 and W123 sedans and coupes of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s.

The 1980’s Bruno Sacco designs were well represented. Apart from the featured R129 SL’s, there were four rare Cosworth-powered W201 190E’s, a 560 SEC AMG, and a great presence of W124’s.

Our thanks to the enthusiasts of the Benzcouver Gruppe, devotees of the W124, who eagerly came out in numbers to support us!

The hallmark of our show was that it was “all-inclusive”. No, not an open bar and free meals, but ALL Mercedes were welcome.

Enthusiasts of Mercedes have one thing in common, they all love their cars! Our entries ranged from bone-stock meticulous restorations of elegant Classics, to lovingly personalised late-model and new Mercedes.

Modified W108’s, W114/115’s, and W124’s, were proudly presented alongside more contemporary performance-enhanced, C-Klasses, E-Klasses, and big S-Klasses. Sharman Sidhu’s bright green W114 coupe, and Richard Mozisek’s famous E55, come readily to mind!

Notably, there were a few highly-modified, current-model CLA entries that were the pride and joy of their owners, and garnered a lot of attention from others.

One of those cars was from Alberta. We also had several Mercedes from the Seattle area and Blaine WA, who made the trip up to wow us with their spectacular cars.

Many thanks to our hard-working, Club Volunteers who made the day possible, and to Tony Millikin, who has consistently given us better and better shows each year.

We owe much support to our sponsors, who really came through for us. Dilawri Group’s Mercedes Dealership of North Vancouver provided us with some exceptional show cars from their current line-up and generously donated many great prizes.

This year, Continental Tire’s representative told how pleased he was at the turnout and the exposure he received. They donated a set of new tires to a lucky winner.

Lastly, many thanks from the BC Stars to everyone who buffed and polished their beautiful cars, and came out to show them. As a welcoming enthusiast show, we had a great turnout. It was an opportunity to appreciate cars and not judge them. Our participants were certainly in the right spirit.