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BC Stars Visit The Luxury Supercar Gala

BC Stars Visit The Luxury Supercar Gala

British Columbia
Saturday, September 7, 2019 -
6:00pm to 9:00pm
British Columbia

BC Stars Visit the Luxury Supercar Gala

Vancouver is known for its large number of Luxury Supercars per capita. It has a thriving car community and enthusiast base.

The annual Luxury Supercar Weekend at Van Dusen Gardens, showcases many of the world’s most exotic cars from Vancouver’s most exclusive dealers.

Our own Hardy Suelzer, at the invitation of Hublot, displayed his beautiful GT-C alongside an assortment of other handpicked cars. The Dilawri Group had a great offering of Mercedes cars, and there were other interesting MB one-offs, including a Brabus “G700”, G Wagen.

Nuvo/Montecristo Magazine very kindly invited a few of us Club Members to a private evening event in collaboration with BMW Canada.

BMW selected Vancouver as their first-choice market, to unveil for the first time to the car community, their new 2020 M8 Individual Manufaktur Limited Edition (1 of 20 worldwide) Competition Sport Coupe. The M8 Gran Coupe and i8 Roadster, were on display, also.

We enjoyed a pleasantly warm summer evening in the park. MB enthusiast and Supercar IG blogger, Saucywoman, joined us to take in the cars.

Vancouver’s Chef of the Year, David Hawksworth, gave a cooking demonstration of his Risotto. We sampled many delicious appetizers along with our wine and a signature Whiskey Sour cocktail.

Montblanc, a Lifestyle co-sponsor for the evening, gave us each a small personalised gift.


We may not all buy a BMW, but it was a great night and a privileged opportunity to see some beautiful automobiles.


Many thanks to Alessandra Borden of Nuvo/ Montecristo for her pleasant hospitality.