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BC Stars Saturday Belcarra Drive with the Coquitlam R107's

BC Stars Saturday Belcarra Drive with the Coquitlam R107's

British Columbia
Saturday, June 1, 2019 -
8:00am to 12:00pm
British Columbia

Coquitlam R107’s: Coffee and a Saturday Drive to Belcarra


Sunny Spring weather is a great excuse to take your convertible out for a coffee, especially if it’s a Mercedes R107 “Youngtimer Classic”. A quarter of a million 107’s were made over a span of 18 years. Many of us grew up with these cars as a symbol of elegant, carefree motoring. There are still a lot of them around. Some are still treasured by their original owners. Others were sought after as the ultimate ‘dream car’ by newer owners. Quite a few MB owners have one MB they drive daily, and an R107 tucked away for nice days.

Saturday morning at 8am, six cars and owners met at the Como Lake Starbucks, in Coquitlam. It’s a busy place, but there is outdoor seating and plenty of parking. On occasion, over the past couple of summers, a small group of 107 owners, organized by Bob Armstrong, have met there to share their interest in these lovely cars. That interest seems to be growing.  

We put on quite a show, that day. Of the six cars, Sean Clark and Bob Armstrong brought two elegant black cars, and Dan Cachola drove “Bluebell”, a vibrant blue 380SL. We also had an unprecedented three, eye-catching, Signal Red examples. Viktor and Viera Hold brought their striking 380SL, Richard Madden showed up in his red and tan, 380SL, and Leigh Gayman arrived in his aptly-named 560SL, “Red Rose”.

Needless to say, we got a lot of attention. Several people wanted to chat and share their MB or SL stories and memories. A few asked advice or took photos.

By nature, our meeting was a casual one, with no set plans. However, we all appeared to be of a like mind, the weather was warm and sunny, a perfect day for photos and a drive. Our local Coquitlam guides, Bob and Viktor, took us over to Como Lake Park for some staged photos with nice surroundings. Viktor and Viera then led us on a beautiful drive along the waterfront, past the ‘ghost town’ of Ioco, and on. We had a relaxing drive through the forest to the Belcarra Regional Park, by Bedwell Bay.

We all agreed that is was a great way to enjoy our cars together. If this catches on, we may need to devise coffee holders for our cars.

Video clip:

Drive to Belcarra