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Spanish Banks: BC Stars at the Beach

Spanish Banks: BC Stars at the Beach

British Columbia
Saturday, October 13, 2018 -
8:00am to 11:00am
British Columbia

Greater Vancouver Cars & Coffee, Spanish Banks, Oct 13th, 2018

Some people just don’t want to let go of a good thing. We had a wonderful summer and many days to enjoy top-down motoring on a sunny day. Very few of us wanted to put away our cars. Even as the days got cooler, we welcomed the call of perhaps the last Greater Vancouver Cars & Coffee meet.

Sunday, October 13th was a crisp and sunny morning at 7:30, in front of the Coquitlam Starbucks. This was to be the last run of the season for the small Coquitlam 107’s group. We were a brave gathering of three cars. Rob Cameron and his wife, Twyla, arrived in their white on red, ’72 350SL, no heater, and no roof! Viktor and Verna Hold were in a beautiful Signal Red on black 380SL with the roof up as heater status was unknown. I was determined to drive my black 560 sans roof.

Gritting our teeth, with plenty of clothes and hot coffee, we set off for Point Grey’s Spanish Banks. It was a beautiful drive in and an enjoyable cruise through the city streets to get to the park. We could easily pick out the more exotic cars in traffic which were heading to the same place we were. The event started at 8 am, but despite the early hour, the beachfront parking lot was nearly full. We lucked out with a ‘place in the sun’ where we could all park together. The scenery and the city were a spectacular backdrop for the display of cars.

Several of our other members were already there. Tony Millikin kindly had parking spots saved next to his Designo CLK. Gary Pullyblank brought his newly-acquired S550. Very sharp! Wei and his 2.5 Cosworth, and Jerry too, with a very fast C63 Edition One coupe.

It seemed that every kind of car imaginable came out that day, from Bentley’s to hot rods. Parked nearby, were an early convertible (roof up) Corvair with a rare Spyder turbocharger boasting 150 hp, an Austin Healey, an NSU, and GTO with Tri-Power! The Mercedes received their own share of admiring glances. Viktor put his soft-top down for our photo session. The low autumn sun really added some punch to all the colours, making for some great photos.

The weather was definitely warmer for the drive back. Some of us went for lunch, and all of us 107 owners, had a thoroughly enjoyable top-down drive home.