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BC Stars Shine at Vancouver International Auto Show 2018

BC Stars Shine at Vancouver International Auto Show 2018

British Columbia
Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 10:45am to Sunday, April 1, 2018 - 6:45pm
British Columbia

This year’s MBCA Motoring Season was launched with great fanfare, as the British Columbia Section showed our MBCA banner to all the 120,000 car enthusiasts entering the annual Auto Show, at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

This was a high-profile event, and an unprecedented participation by the MBCA in Vancouver. 2018 marked the return of Mercedes-Benz, as a manufacturer, to the Vancouver Auto Show.

Section President, Matt Peck worked with Joshua Peters, Exhibit Sales Manager of the Auto Show, to display some heritage Mercedes cars, also.

It was an amazing opportunity, five days to represent our Club, in a first-class venue on the beautiful Vancouver waterfront.

To quote the VIAS 2018 website, “The 2018 Vancouver International Auto Show offers something for everyone – from ground-breaking concept cars, to unique custom vehicles and hundreds of top automotive products and services celebrating British Columbians’ love of our cars and trucks…The Auto Show lives up to a tradition of showcasing a wide selection of luxury vehicles, in a city that sees the highest per capita sales of luxury vehicles in North America."

And… we had some great stuff to show them!


The 190 SLR Tribute

The Auto Show wanted a very special Classic Mercedes for a feature display, and Matt was able to arrange the loan of a 1963 190SLR tribute racer from Autoform, a local dealer of high-end and exotic cars. The SLR featured Weber carburettors and other mods to the original 1.9 litre engine, a lowered suspension, and a lightened body with no bumpers and only a small Perspex windshield. The beautiful purity of the 190SL form was very striking.


The AMG S65 Renntech

BC Section Member, Eddy Lai, of Flying Tiger Development, provided us with his splendid 2006 W220, AMG S65 to exhibit. Eddy is known in BC for building and driving Mercedes race cars. He brought the original AMG tuning franchise to Canada, and was recently honoured at 2017’s Legends of the Autobahn, in Monterey, California. Eddy’s 2006 AMG was not only part of the lowest production run of S65 models, but the car and it’s V12 engine received many exclusive Renntech modifications, including a transmission upgrade and an intercooler pump. A very rare car, indeed.


The 190SL

Orient Auto Repairs of Port Coquitlam brought to us a very glamorous and eye-catching 1960, 190SL, one of 26,000 produced. Ahmad Gandomi, MBCA Member, and Owner of Orient Auto, fully restored the car himself over the past 20 years. Ahmad hand formed new metal panels for the car, as needed, and stretched and fitted the new red leather trim, himself. Ahmad’s son, Hady, painted the car in original Mercedes-Benz colour, Ivory, in their own painting facilities. The finished car made its debut at the 2014 BC Section Show & Shine. This is Ahmad’s personal car, a wonderful father and son project.


Our MBCA Members were very busy on the Sunday afternoon before the Show, delivering and prepping the cars. The 190SL was unloaded from its flatbed delivery truck and un-tarped, outside the venue. Once all the cars had arrived, we drove the Autoform SLR to its Feature Car display area in the Foyer. The other two were set up at the BC Stars’ very own Vendor Booth #418, in the West English Bay Ballroom.



The SLR arrives: https://youtu.be/DwFEbv_d6Q8

SLR drives to exhibit area: https://youtu.be/seOjrHGgwpQ

190SL drives to exhibit area: https://youtu.be/imzQ3jTY3xs

190SL enters exhibit area: https://youtu.be/MRnakFXVFgE


Right from the Show’s Wednesday opening, there was a great turnout. BC Stars Club Ambassadors greeted the Public as they came streaming by our display cars. Whether it was the engineering of an exotic V12 Bi-turbo, or the elegance of a Classic roadster, many wanted a closer look, ask some questions, or just share a tale or a memory of a Mercedes experience.

There were lots of smiles as fathers pointed out details to their sons, and show-goers posed for photos, or recalled the car they once had, or wished they’d had. The 190SL was not a car seen every day in 1960, however their stunning colour combinations made any sighting as unforgettable then, as today.

Both Eddy and Ahmad spent time at the booth chatting with the Public.

MBCA NW Regional Director, Jeff Shindler, came down to help us out and enjoy the show.

As another bonus, we even received the blessing of Miss Coquitlam 2018, who couldn’t resist posing for photos, next to the 190SL. 


A big thank you to Joshua Peters, Exhibit Manager, for so graciously hosting us at the Show.

Many thanks also, to Matthew Peck, BC Section President, for creating this marvellous opportunity for us. We really enjoyed chatting with people, and showing them The Star!

Thanks to those who provided our spectacular ‘Show Cars’:

1963 190 SLR - David Hogg, Autoform

2006 AMG S65 Renntech – Eddy Lai, Flying Tiger Development

1960 190SL – Ahmad Gandomi, Orient Auto

Our people are what this Club is about, as much as the cars. Our friendly Club Ambassadors did a marvellous job of setting up the display and chatting with show-goers about the Club.

Thanks to Leigh Gayman, Chase Kroeker, Victor Chan, Marie & Manfred Stenzel, Don Rutherford, Gary Pullyblank, and Louis Fourie.

Photos and videos: Matt Peck, Victor Chan, Sean Clark

Victor’s Photo Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bo9lla4zclqq3z3/2018%20auto%20show.zip?dl=0