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BC Stars Section

MBCA BC Stars Section Awards Dinner

MBCA BC Stars Section Awards Dinner

British Columbia
Saturday, January 13, 2018 -
6:00pm to 9:00pm
North Vancouver
British Columbia

January 13, 2018, MBCA BC Stars Award Dinner The BC Stars, Annual Awards Dinner in January. It was an enjoyable occasion to celebrate the past year’s achievements, and welcome in 2018. Club President, Matthew Peck, hosted our Club’s Directors and Members for a wonderful evening at the Pier 7 Restaurant in North Vancouver. The food was excellent, and the company, better.


Jeff Shindler was on hand as the new MBCA Pacific North West Regional Director, for his first official function at a Section Event. Jeff first joined the Club as a BC Section Member. A big congratulations to him, we know that he will bring the integrity needed for this important job. It should be noted that Jeff is the only Canadian serving as a Regional Director in the MBCA.


It was good to see our former Newsletter Editor, Bruce Woloshyn, also. Bruce really helped to put us ‘on the map’.


Marie Stenzel was awarded the Member of the Year Award. Not only has Marie been very much involved publicly at many of our events, but she has been quietly and steadfastly working away in the background, also. It was Marie who initiated the process to bring our active and growing Section into full compliance as a professionally-run, non-profit business. Marie’s quiet guidance and solid administration, have been indispensable. Thank you, Marie !


Our Vice President, Tony Millikin, received some long overdue recognition. Matt presented Tony with the Regional Officer of the Year Award. This was an award for the most outstanding Club Officer of the entire Pacific North West Region. Tony has for the past several years, been diligently building up our Show and Shine event. He has forged new sponsorship relationships, and turned our event into the biggest MB event in the Region. He has raised the BC Stars profile to give us significant presence and credibility within the car community. Well deserved, Tony!



Past President, Sean Clark, was honoured for his tenure from 2015 to 2017, with an award presented by Jeff Shindler and Matt Peck.


We look forward, going into 2018 with some challenges, but you can see that we have an excellent team for the road ahead! Many thanks to Matt Peck and the Organisers, Gary and Linda Pullyblank, for a great evening.


Also, thanks to the Awards Committee, Don Rutherford and Gary Pullyblank.


A hearty congratulations are due to all those who worked to make our past events a success, and to those taking us forward into 2018.


Cheers, everyone. Here’s to 2018 !


Photo credit:

 Bruce Woloshyn