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BC Stars Shipbuilders Square Show & Shine 2017: 50 Years of AMG

BC Stars Shipbuilders Square Show & Shine 2017: 50 Years of AMG

British Columbia
Sunday, August 27, 2017 -
10:00am to 3:00pm
North Vancouver
British Columbia

Shipbuilders Square: Celebrating 50 Years of AMG

A very special celebration this year at our annual Show & Shine. Tony Millikin and his team put on a fantastic show. 83 cars came out on a nice sunny day. The venue was literally jam-packed! Matthew Peck was publicly introduced as the BC Stars new Section President, as we kicked off the day’s events.


Our many sponsors this year contributed generously with prizes and giveaways. AllWest Insurance gave a great presentation, as did Faye from Continental Tire, the car electronics experts from RPM Electronics, and others. Matt Peck invited his posse of AMG owners to show their cars, within a special paddock, and we had several others on hand.


Ron & Carol Price were awarded a “50 Years of AMG” prize for bringing an AMG SLS ‘gullwing’ as well as a sleek GT-Coupe. The People’s Choice Award for an AMG car went to an E63 “Longroof” from Washington State. Meanwhile, the Club Executives awarded a special prize to the only pre-merger AMG at the show, a spectacular silver 560SEC.


Many interesting cars too, that were not AMG’s. The R107 SL’s were out in force, but also earlier 190 SL’s, a stock 1960 , and a very late, ’63 190, an SLR ‘tribute’ car. There were some lovely sedans represented also, from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.



We were very fortunate to have Section Member, Eddy Lai, speak at the event. Nestor Balce, representing the Mercedes-Benz Vancouver Retail Group, chatted with Eddy give us some insights about his experience as an AMG franchisee in Vancouver, in the 1980’s and the iconic white AMG 560 SEC that he had originally built. This summer, it won a First Place award in Division 7, at the50 Years of AMG award at the Legends of the Autobahn in Monterey. Eddy and his Flying Tigers, Mercedes racing team were well known in British Columbia and elsewhere in the 90’s. Many remember his AMG dealership in Vancouver with his silver 190E race car on display.



Many thanks to our sponsors and volunteers. Marion Rutherford and Linda Pullyblank kept everything in order at our Registration booth. Manfred and Marie Stenzel once again chatted with prospective members at our Membership desk. We had many helpers who generously pitched in to set up, marshal cars, and make the day go smoothly.



Special thanks to our Master of Ceremonies, Yen-Hsen Liem, Nestor Balce of Mercedes-Benz, Tony Millikin, the Event Organiser, and Matt Peck for his promotions and rounding up some beautiful AMG’s!



Thanks to Victor Chan.



Thanks to Richard Mozisek, a Vancouver Automobile Videographer.