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BC Stars Tour of RWM & Co. Restoration Shop

BC Stars Tour of RWM & Co. Restoration Shop

British Columbia
Saturday, February 11, 2017 -
11:00am to 1:00pm
British Columbia

On cool, clear, February morning, the BC Stars enjoyed the break in the weather for a drive out to RWM & Co. Restorations, in Delta BC.

This was to be our first daytime event of 2017 and many of us were eager to get out and do something as a group. RWM is located in a hanger near Boundary Bay Airport, upon the flat farmland of the Fraser River, delta. As it turned out, this was a great location to view all sorts of eagles,  including Bald Eagles who had drifted off-course across from the US.

The shop hanger is very unremarkable from the outside, but once through the door, its quite spectacular.

Our Webpage Editor, Mark Block, was good enough to organise this event for us. Mark's clients, Robert ("Bob") and Jaclyn Maynard, are happy to invite car clubs and enthusiasts to their shop, RWM. The previous week, they had hosted the Rolls Royce Club. We were invited down to inspect a very special "Pagoda" undergoing a ground up restoration, but there were cars of many other marques there, appealing to all enthusiasts.

From the humble Isetta, and Renault 5, to the Italian exotics,  a 60's  Ferrari, and a 70's Maserati, undergoing complete frame off restorations. Bob tackles them all, sourcing hard to find parts and obsolete materials, to bring new life to a 1938 MG TA, to a 50's Jag and Alfa Spyder.

The car we had come to see was not there, delayed at the paint shop, but there was a lovely example of a 230SL, right next to a 1970 Shelby Mustang in for a frame straightening.

Bob's shop is spotless and bright. It's a keenly interesting place to stroll around and see the projects underway. Off to one side of the cars and the Ferrari on the rotisseri, Bob's tools and machines are of keen interest themselves. From the English Wheel to the powerful (and noisy) hammer press to shape metal, to the array of different shaped hammers, this is a true artisan's workshop.

Bob and Jaclyn were wonderful hosts, and made us feel very welcome.

Mark Block presented Bob with a unique MBCA BC Event Photo and a Grille Badge as a momento and a "thank you" for having us.

Our thanks to Mark for setting this up. It was immensely popular and well received. I am pleased to say, we've been invited back another day, for a chance to see that elusive Pagoda and a look at how the other patients have progressed.

Photo credits: Mark Block, Jaclyn Maynard, Matt Peck, Sean Clark