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BC Stars Annual Award Dinner 2017

BC Stars Annual Award Dinner 2017

British Columbia
Saturday, January 14, 2017 -
6:00pm to 9:30pm
British Columbia

We celebrated a  Happy New year, and a recap of the very successful year past.

Gary and Linda Pullyblank, after much due diligence, found us us a magnificent venue for our Annual Awards Dinner, the La Terrazza Restaurant,  in Vancouver. Many thanks to them for organising a wonderful evening.

Our very elegantly attired Members and Officers enjoyed a delicious dinner of fine Italian food and wines in a cosy and delightful setting. I was pleased to see that some of our most hardworking Members were there, as well as a recently returning Member, Mark Sundin, and his wife Michiko.

Our award for Member of the Year went once again, to Matthew Peck. This year, Matt worked closely with our fine friends at Mercedes-Benz, Nestor Balce and the Vancouver Retail Group. Between them, they carried our message of car displays and events to the BC public. Matt added a new level of sophistication to our online graphics and advertising. Matt literally made us look good, and he recently launched his new "dynamic" website, www.bcstars.ca, to post our latest Club photos and Event Notices between regular newsletters. We owe much to him for showing us in a good light to our Members, and the public. Well done, Matt!

Our Vice President, Tony Millikin, deserved special recognition, also. The 2016  Event Excellence Award celebrated the stunning success of Tony's Shipbuilders' Square Show & Shine. Tony really kicked it up a notch this year. We had multiple sponsors and Presenterswho put on a good show. Tony's thoroughly laid groundwork with Matt and Nestor, paid off huge dividends, attracting over 100 cars! A very professional job by Tony, his crew, and all our Members who pitched in to set up the event, and greet the public as MBCA ambassadors. Tony, you knocked it out of the park!

As we go forward for 2017, Joseph Anthony has assembled his new Newsletter Editorial Staff. Many of them were at our dinner, and it was a great opportunity for an enthusiastic exchange of ideas and enthusiasm. Joseph's first event coverage as Editor, was this Awards Dinner night. I might add, all photos in this report are by Joseph.

It is on evening like this that I recall and give thanks for all the efforts of our BC Stars family, seen and also unseen.

Well done, everyone!

Sean Clark

BC Section Pres.


Photo credit: Joseph Anthony