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The monthly meeting takes place on the first Tuesday of the month at the White Spot in Coal HarbourClick Here for directions.

What a Summer 2016 has been!

Summer 2016 has been busy and it sure has paid off when an amazing run of events organized by the MBCA BC Stars. The month of May brought us the 2nd Annual Okanagan Wine Tour & our popular Saturday Drive to Harrison Lake! June hosted the 15th Annual German Car Show at the Water Front Park in North Vancouver benefitting the North Shore Harvest Project. And August celebrated 130 Years of Mercedes-Benz with our 2016 Show & Shine, which had 92 pre-registered cars and many more joining the BC Stars in North Vancouver.

The Summer isn't over yet as our Whistler Run is in the works and it wraps up our Summer season with a cruise up the famous Sea to Sky Highway between Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia. A true treasue of the Pacific Northwest and a drive you won't forget! 

Check out the Event Reports for the stories and photos! https://bcstars.mbca.org/section-event-reports

***YOUTUBE VIDEO of our 2015 Show & Shine Event   https://youtu.be/nq40lsjR6yQ

***YOUTUBE VIDEO of our 2016 Show & Shine Event by Passionate Driver  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Tc2jRRDiMOY

***YOUTUBE VIDEO of our 2016 Show & Shine by Richard Mozisek https://youtu.be/AoWS_kHpBI0

***YOUTUBE VIDEO of our 2016 Show & Shine by Victor Chan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4Ps25fT9vE

Upcoming Events for 2016 

 BC Stars - 2016 Sea to Sky Whistler, Canada Cruise! 

September, 2016                 

Celebrating our 3rd Annual Cruise up the legendary Sea to Sky Highway. 

Visit starfest2016.mbca.org for details.
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